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" Momolicious is a momo based café brand Founded by 2 lady entrepreneurs Ms. Shruthi Suresh & Ms. Sona Prakash who pursued MBA together. After gaining enough experience in corporate companies they decided to setup a concept based restaurant brand which is Momolicious. The demand for momo skyrocketed and hence the team is expanding its network through its franchise partners. Incorporating a range of delicious momos from the recipes across India to the streets of Coimbatore, they're out to change your regular old boring food routine for the better. Momos are made from all original recipes dating back generations, using Indian spices, seasonings, and the freshest quality ingredients to make each a quality dish every time. Find momos of what you're looking for by tracking down Momolicious on the street of Peelamedu, Coimbatore. Enjoy momos that are soft, small and steamed pouch of flour that comes in various designs and fillings with different Chutneys. "


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2.00pm to 2.00 am